Carlyn Bless ‘bebang’ Guarde

The story of Carlyn Bless Guarde,  a.k.a (Bebang Guarde) (born 14 June 2001) is a Filipino female tennis player. She competed for 2016 Philippine Junior Federation Cup Team (Pre-Qualifying event) last  9 -15 March 2016 that held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

After giving those hard works, she still managed and had balanced her time to become a good student in Grade – 11. “Bebang Guarde” preserved to maintain her position as rank #1 out of 16 under division official age group ranking (PHILTA) of Philippine Tennis Association.

Bebang took her path and continued to prove herself that’s why she was one of the tennis players that had given a chanced to represent the Philippine team to bring home the bacon last tournament of 2017 Asia Oceania Pre Qualifying zone of Jr. Davis Cup and Jr. Fed Cup that held in New Delhi, India last 20-25 February 2017.

Carlyn Bless 'bebang' Guarde
Carlyn Bless “bebang” Guarde Jr. Fed Cup, Colombo Sri Lanka.

Guarde became the no. 1 player in local for the age group female category 14U and 16U since she was 13 years old. She maintained her rank and never failed to fight up to the present.  She was also a runner-up in 2016 (WTF) World Tennis Federation road to Singapore. She was proclaimed as the 2016 Cebuana Lhuillier (MVP) Most Valuable Player of the year.

A month’s later,  Bebang Guarde claimed the throned of 2017 Palawan Pawnshop Tennis (MVP) Most Valuable Player of the Year.

Bio Info

Name: Carlyn Bless Guarde
Local Career: Palarong Pambansa 2016 Female Lawn Tennis Bronze Medalist.
Country Residence: Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, Mindanao, Philippines.
Plays: Right Handed/ 2 Handed Backhand
Current Position: (PhilTA) 16-U rank #1 | (UTP) 16-U rank #1
Racquet sponsored by Dunlop
Shoes: Babolat

CAREER Biography

It was an awarding night when her father a newbie in lawn tennis player was required to attend, and so she insisted to went with her father. Upon waiting for the announcement of winners, she as a young girl who was very curious about what was happening in her surroundings.

She saw a pile of trophies placed on a table and went near to it, touching or/and carried for she attracted in the medals and trophies. One of the coach observed her, saw her potential or maybe desires to become a future tennis champion thus he walked next to her father and advised him to take his daughter to tennis world and trained her at least 3-4 hours a day.

Carlyn was only eight years old when her father took courage to brought her to the tennis court, and that was the beginning of her journey.

As the time passed, Carlyn Bless Guarde a.k.a (Bebang Guarde) started entering age group competition and finally, she achieved her first trophy as champion in the Leg of the Philta Smart-Head  Age-Group  National Tennis Tour 2011 Junior Satellite Circuit  presented by Smart Communications at the age of (9) under the category of  (12) girls division.

She still managed to impress the crowd on that event and even famous until the present.

Because of her perseverance and the full support of her parents, she reached 200+ achievements including trophies, medals, sponsored giveaways, without even minding the financial aid they had expensed.


Her Dad(Romil Guarde) believed that, “Dili magmaayo ang imohang anak kung walay suporta  gikan sa ginikanan“.


Along with her journey, we, interviewed her about her strengths and secrets of how she made it there. These were her answers;

To become a great tennis player, you need self-discipline, obedient to your coach, determination, and passion.


Qualification to become a great player, make sure that you have the consistency in playing the game not just using your brain but also with your heart. And she believes in a unique perception in life that if you are “willing to fight, then you must also be willing to win.”

And she believes in a unique perception in life that if you are “willing to fight, then you must also be willing to win.”


She has a good perception in life, and thus she has almost all the characteristics that a tennis player must possess; humble, patient, respectful against her foes.

As a strong fighter, she, Carlyn Bless Guarde is more than willing to face the coming challenges.

Singles Fed Cup Career Record:

2016 Junior Fed Cup (Pre-Qualifying event)

 Date  Location  Country Foe’s  Surface  Match   Score  Result
 9-15 March 2016 Sri Lanka Vietnam Shell Court Singles  4–6, 6–3, 6–4  Win
Lebanon  ShellCourt Singles 6-3, 6-1 Win
 Oman  Shell Court  Singles 6-2, 6-1 Win
 Kyrgyztan  Shell Court  Singles  6-3, 6-1  Lost
 Singapore Shell Court  Singles  2-6, 7-5, 6-3  Win

2017 Asia Oceania (Pre Qualifying zone) of Jr. Davis Cup and Jr. Fed Cup

Date Location Country Foe’s Surface Match Score Result
20-25 Feb. 2017 New Delhi, India Vietnam Hard Court Singles 7–5, 6–4  Win
Lebanon Hard Court Singles 6–2, 6–3 Win
Tajikistan Hard Court Singles 6–2, 6–2 Lost

Doubles Career Record:

 Titles Edition  Date  Location  Country


 Surface Match  Score  Result
2017 Asia Oceania  20-25 Feb. 2017 New Delhi, India  Pacific Oceania  Hard Doubles  6–0, 6-0 Lost 
Pre-Qualifying  Tajikistan  Hard Doubles 6–4, 6–3  Lost
of Jr. Davis Cup
Fed Cup

Recent Local Current Singles Career:


 Titles Edition



 Matchup Respective Foe’s



 Age-Group Category



   Cebuana Lhuillier Age-Group Tennis  Oct 27-30 2017 Isulan, Sultan Kudarat Jazzele Madis  Shell Court  2  18-U  6-0, 6-1 Champion
  Cebuana Lhuillier Age-Group Tennis   Oct 27-30 2017  Isulan, Sultan Kudarat  Jazzele Madis  Shell Court 2 16-U  4-6, 7-5(10-4)  Champion
 Cebuana Lhuillier Age-Group Tennis  Oct 20-24 2017  M’lang, North Cotabato   Jazzele Madis  Hard Court 2 18-U  6-2, 6-2  Champion
Cebuana Lhuillier Age-Group Tennis  Oct 20-24 2017  M’lang, North Cotabato  Jazzele Madis  Hard Court  2  16-U  6-4,6-2  Lost
  Cebuana Lhuillier Age-Group Tennis  May 28 – 31 2017 Polomolok  Angelica Novis Hard Court  2 18-U  Champion
 Cebuana Lhuillier Age-Group Tennis  May 28 – 31 2017 Polomolok  Kyle Rivera Hard Court 2 16-U  Champion
 PPS-PEPP Age-Group   April  23-27 2017 Koronadal City  Ezra Enriquez Shell Court 2 18-U  7-5, 6-7, (10-4 Lost
PPS-PEPP Age-Group  April  23-27 2017  Koronadal City  Ezra Enriquez  Shell Court  2  16-U  6-1, 6-2  Lost
 PPS-PEPP Age-Group April 19-22 2017  General Santos City  Ezra Enriquez Shell Court 2 18-U w.o Champion
 PPS-PEPP Age-Group Tournaments  April 19-22 2017 General Santos City Ezra Enriquez  Shell Court  2  16-U 6-4, 3-6(10-8) Champion
 Head Jr. Satelite Circuit April 1-5, 2017  Isulan, Sultan Kudarat Jezzelle Madis Shell Court 5  18-U  (6-3, 3-6, 6-1) Champion
  Head Jr. Satelite Circuit  April 1-5, 2017  Isulan, Sultan Kudarat  Minnete Bentillo  Shell Court  5  16-U (6-4, 6-3) Champion