Amanda Gabrielle “gaby” Zoleta

A highest ranked Filipina junior tennis athlete, Amanda Gabrielle Zoleta a.ka “gaby” is an international ? years old dedicated future star Filipina tennis player from Lucena City, Philippines. She was a member of the Team Philippines and their team won the Championship in the latest 2017 ITF 14-under Asia/Oceania Pre-Qualifying World Junior Tennis event in New Delhi, India.

Amanda Gabrielle gaby Zoleta filipino future star tennis player
Amanda Gabrielle “gaby” Zoleta Filipina Future Star Tennis Player, ITF Junior Fed Cup Team Philippines.

She’s a strong and dedicated athlete at the same time a full-time student. In fact, Amanda is currently studying at Bristol Integrated School, Lucena City, Philippines but maintains her position as rank no.3 in PHILTA 14-Under and rank no.5 in Unified. But it doesn’t end up there, she’s also included in Asia’s (ATF) ranking where she ranked no.213 and specifically, rank no.17 in women category.

Being a student and an athlete is indeed not easy to handle unless you know how to handle your busy schedules and that’s what most athletes do, they managed their time. The same thing to Amanda, she really an expert in handling her time as a student. She usually trained after school for an hour every day and studied at night before she slept, the same thing happen during her spare time.

Bio Info.

Name: Amanda Gabrielle S. Zoleta
Age: ?
Height: 5’4
Current Residence:  Lucena City
Local career record:
International Career Record:2013 Genting-Selangor International Junior Tennis Championships, 2014 3rd Place South East Asian Qualifying Jakarta, Indonesia, 2015 3rd Place Junior Seagames, Singapore, 2017 Champion ITF 14 under World Juniors Pre-Qualifying, New Delhi India.
Racket sponsored: Wilson
Plays: Right-handed/Two Handed Backhand
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Amanda has been into tennis sports since 2011. Her journey as a tennis player started when she decided to accept tennis in her life. She grew up watching her father and her two aunties playing tennis, smashing all the way and she found it exciting. Through their influence, become a dedicated tennis player.

In the age of 8, she won in the 12-under PHILTA sanctioned Milo-Pinoyislands age-group, that was her first stepped to be a strong and dedicated athlete. As of now, she achieved more 100 trophies and more than 30 medals and still counting the blessings to come.

Her greatest memorable experience in playing tennis was,

When she won her first International Championship in Malaysia in the 2013 Genting-Selangor International Junior Tennis Championships. Also, it was her first time to be part of the Philippine Team that was placed 3rd in the Qualifying of the 12-under World Championships in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Amanda’s motivations/inspirations in playing tennis are,

Amanda is not just trying but doing her best to get a scholarship in the U.S. and to be appointed to represent the Philippines in Seagames, especially in Asian games and Fed Cup. That’s why she worked hard and even harder to beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Her top (5) best secrets they had learned from their coaches and training until they become champions, are;

1. Love the sport– Always love what you do as you love the tennis sports.

2. Be disciplined– Control your anger, your time and your emotions. What is happening in the court remains in the court and what’s at the school, remains in school.

3. Always work hard – A strong athlete always strives hard to remain standing.

4. You must be willing to sacrifice – Know your priorities and justify your schedules.

5. Last and most important for me is the attitude – because her father/coach always reminds her to be a nice person in and out of the court.

Her biggest challenge is staying to be healthy because currently she injured her shoulder and missed a lot of tournament this summer.

Singles Fed Cup Career Record:

Junior Fed Cup (Pre-Qualifying event)

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Asia Oceania (Pre Qualifying zone) of Jr. Davis Cup and Jr. Fed Cup

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