Victoria “vicky” Flores

The story of Victoria Flores, aka “Vicky” Flores (born April 1, 1999) is pure blood Filipino female tennis player begin a journey to draw her career as professional tennis athlete. She competed for any parts in USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Brazil, Italy, Belgium, Germany. Vicky is now rank #92 in ITF Juniors women’s category.

Victoria Flores named as most top Filipina tennis player, after achieving the highest level prestigious tennis tournament titles in the whole world event. She is now WTA #904 current singles ranking as of April 24, 2017.

Vicky continued proved herself that she’s one of a kind pursuing her career as 100% Filipino blood tennis player ready to smash challenges to come.

Philtennis Victoria Flores

A tennis champion is not a shortcut term, to achieve your goals climbing up the tennis ladder is no mean feat. Vicky Flores is now 92 out of 2000 listed women’s player in the (ITF) International Tennis Federation junior rankings. She achieved 32 single and 32 doubles matches in her as of latest career.

Victoria Flores very proud to represent the Philippines as 100% Filipino blood, even she’s now in America.



Bio Info

Name: Victoria “Vicky” Flores
Current Residence: USA
Current Position: ITF Ranked #92
Racquet: Babolat
Plays: Right Handed/ 2 Handed Backhand


Victoria “Vicky” Flores started playing tennis at the age of (3) both of her parents are licensed international tennis coaches, a significant advantage of Vicky to become a female highest rank Filipino tennis player.

There is no shortcut to becoming achievers, and even her parents are tennis coaches. She step-up the ladder without missing any steps. She said “Every single time I play or every single time I go in court, I’m proud to represent the Philippines even though I’m from America I’m a 100% Filipino and my parents, they always want me to be proud that I’m from there,” ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau interview.

After hard work, dedication, and perseverance, Victoria Flores made her position as rising star Filipino top female tennis player after reaching the semi-finals and quarter-finals singles and doubles category world tour tournament at the 47th Banana Bowl Grade 1 ITF event in Brazil in February. In January, she advanced to the quarterfinal round in singles at Copa Barranquilla in Columbia and the doubles quarterfinals of the 53rd Coffee Bowl in Costa Rica.

International Junior Tournament, recently Vicky, reached quarterfinals “Citta’ Di Santa Croce 2017” in Santa Croce Italy where she beat Matusova, Barbora (6-3, 6-1) of Slovakia high-ranking player.

Filipino Tennis Player
photo courtesy: Michael Devon Moore


Mary Ann Flores, mother of Victoria very proud of her daughter’s sharp acceleration of (ITF) and WTA ranking. She really can’t imagine that Vicky will go this far. Vicky goal is to compete and bring medal of the Olympics, and one day share her skills with fellow Filipino athletes.


A heart of a Filipino presence is never stepping out at her; She is very proud of being Filipino roots. Victoria Flores main target, for now, is the Europe tournament tour, Flores hopes to play in the qualifying rounds of the US Open and Wimbledon before college.

“I’m lucky to train and be in the US for tennis, but I hope when I’m older I get the opportunity to share my talent with tennis and inspire other Filipino players back home,” Flores said ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau interview.