Patricia “trisha” Velez

The Future star, Patricia Velez a.k.a “Trisha” is a 17 years-old strong-willed woman Filipina tennis player who won the championship of 7th Olivarez Cup 16 and 18-under girls category. The tournament held in Manila sponsored by PPS-PEPP Palawan Pawnshop Pera Padala.

She took courage and sacrifice to balanced her studies and her obligations as a sports athlete. Indeed, after school (4:30 pm) she immediately went to the tennis court to practice between 5:00 to 7:30 pm. After the tiresome practice, she usually went home and studied from 9:00 to 10:30 pm. But still, she managed to become the (PHILTA) ranked 12 records as of 2017.

She was studying in Precious International School of Davao, but she moved to University of Santo Tomas (UST) Manila to continue her studies as a Senior High School student.

PhilTennis - Patricia Velez

Bio Info

Name: Patricia Velez
Age: 17
Local Career: Palarong Pambansa 2015(gold medal in team event & silver medal in doubles individual) Palarong Pambansa 2017 (gold medal in team event & bronze medal in individual singles)Plays:

Plays: One-handed forehand/ Two-handed backhand



Patricia a.k.a Trisha started playing tennis last 2011 when she was 11 years old. She chose to play lawn tennis to be her sports because she found it unique and this sport is not familiar to everyone.

Patricia saw her father playing tennis, and she felt how happy her father was when playing tennis. After that, she tried trying the sports too, she enrolled in summer clinics, and there, she started loving tennis and became her hobby.

She got her first gold medal in 2014, one gold medal in 2015 and two gold medals in 2016. And got her first champion on (PHILTA) held in Davao during the Duterte Cup 2012 Smart-Head Age-Group National Tennis Tour sponsored it.

Memorable Experience,

Her most memorable experience was during Olivarez Cup Because almost all of her match games ended to a 3rd set.

Downfall Time,

Her biggest downfall being a player is when she played three tournaments after the Olivarez tournament. She joined three competitions in Mindanao, and she lost all of it. The thing was, she lost focus on tennis. Velez burnout thus after those three tournaments, she decided to rest. When she went back playing tennis again, she recharged as new Triumph power player until today.

Her no.1 inspiration in playing tennis is her father. Her father was the one who introduced tennis in her entire life. Trisha’s motivator is the Lord for she cannot imagine that God gave her talent in playing tennis.

Her biggest accomplishment in life is her studying at a certain University in Manila. At first, it wasn’t easy for Patricia to strive in her studies at the same time playing tennis to achieve her goals, But because it caused her absence to join the tournament. Sometimes, she cannot sleep to finish her projects at school. But in God’s grace, made it all and managed to get used to how her life went through. That’s why she offered her thanks to the Lord because he gave her this to be the bridge going to her studies.

Her motto in life is, “You can’t run from your situation. You have to embrace it.”

Top 5 secrets she had learned to become a good tennis player are:

1. Perseverance– You can’t stop when you’re still starting. You should not give up especially in your pieces of training. Yes, training needs effort and focus, and it’s truly tiring, but the result will determine in the tournaments if how much effort and training you’ve been through. It is the after moments in the game result you feel the tiredness but if you have the perseverance to fight until the end, you won’t find it hard and you’ll enjoy playing it.

2. Faith– it’s not all the time you bring home the crown, it’s just a matter of how strong your faith in God is.

3. Patience – all sports cannot be perfect easily by practicing it overnight. It goes into a process with patience. You should never give up on what you’ve started.

4. Humility– you should be humble in everything you do. Because you can’t get this talent just everywhere, you get it from God. Instead, you should give it all back to Him.

5. Respect– you must respect one another especially during tournaments and to your opponents, umpires, officials and to all people in the court. There are players in the tournament abuses the other players to win, which is wrong. We must always be good for everyone because a man deserves to be respected.

Her only challenge is to challenge herself to play with challenging players.

Recent Local Current Singles Career:

Semi Finals

Titles Edition



Matchup Respective Foe’s



Age-Group Category



Palarong Pambansa 2017 April 23-29, 2017 Province of Antique, Philippines Alexei Xira  Santos Hard Singles 1Semi-Finals Lost
Palarong Pambansa 2017 April 23-29, 2017 Province of Antique, Philippines  Titan Llavore  Hard  Singles Quarter Finals 8-5 Won