Janus Ringia

Janus Al-Najeeb Empredo Ringia known as “Janus” is a Filipino junior tennis player, currently ranked No. 7 in men’s singles U-16 Unified Tennis Philippines(UTP). Ringia had won 2 international Gold Medals in singles and doubles title, the 2017 Junior Davis Cup qualifier held in India. And year 2014 Milo tennis championships titles In Penang, Malaysia. He continuously ranked in the top ten men’s junior under-16 category from the year 2016 continued as of the latest September 2017.

Ringia latest achievement as a tennis player was when he got a runner-up title in the Cebuana Lhuillier held in Isulan. But it was not yet the greatest. For him, the latest achievement that he had was when they got a gold medal in the Qualifying Junior Davis Cup held in India.

Janus, can’t believe that he’s now a pro player, Because he knew that anyone could be a pro with hard work and talent. he said;

Bio Info

Name: Janus Al-Najeeb Ringia
Age: 16
Height: 5’3
Weight: 51
Local Career: Rank #7 UTP Boys 16-Under Category
Country Residence: Koronadal City, Philippines
Plays: Right-handed
Current Position:
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Janus Ringia started playing tennis at the age of 7(seven) in the local club of Koronadal City Tennis Club. His parents, Father and Mother, are the main heroes from the start of his career as a tennis player. He quoted “my parents are always and will be the ones who will always support me.”

Janus Ringia
Submitted Photo by Janus Ringia

Janus, the first local single title achievement was the best time in his tennis career. The year 2009, GSIS HEIGHT TENNIS CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS. His third tournament was ten under the category when he was ten years old. He got a runner-up title.

Janus Al-Najeeb, first age group competition, the year 2009. I can’t remember the tournament, but I held in Isulan. Maybe I was 7 that time. I lost first round and that was the moment that I realized that I loved the sport. (said on Philtennis interview)

My first regional school competition achievement was when I was in grade 3. We got a gold medal in doubles. My partner was Nicole Gorospe. Also, a great player to look at.

I just got one attempt. After that, I practiced hard, and I did not aspire to get a gold medal for the fact that Region 12 has tons of unpredictable players. (he said Philtennis)

My first palarong pambansa achievement is when I was in grade 6. In the team event, we got Gold. And in the individual. I got silver. (he said)

First SRAA, first Palaro. My partner Nicole Gorospe did not dream to be in Palaro, Because there were players ahead of us that are more skilled. But we still fought until we got the first Philippine prestigious tennis title crowned.

Ringia’s,  first international singles title, became his favorite tournament among the rest it was three years ago last 2014. Milo tennis championships, In Penang, Malaysia.

“My first gold medal in an international tournament held in Malaysia was the most favorite travel experienced in my tennis career” (he said on Philtennis interview).

” In playing tennis, my greatest memorable experience is whenever I fall or stumble at the court, I always stand up. I believe that it is more embarrassing to not picking yourself up rather than dropping a million times.

I have many downfalls in my tennis career, and I set that as my motivation and inspiration. For a player to fights and win or to learn “.


My motto is. “There’s a single light in every darkness” because we should aspire on catching that light or what we called “dream.”



I am aspiring to be a part of a varsity team at UP Diliman. Not only for tennis but also for my academics.


For my top 5 secret words and pieces of advice to our next future Filipino tennis stars.

  1.  Discipline – when it’s time for training, train. Learn from your mistakes and follow your coaches and parents. Give precious time and moment for tennis.
  2.  Patience – improving at tennis takes years. Perfecting one stroke is as hard as it could be but never stop learning which leads us to our number 3.
  3. Run – run for every ball. As my coach (Arnel Berdan) said. Never stop and never let a ball pass through you. Every point counts so run for every shot.
  4.  Respect – respect all players. Have friends! Enjoy the tennis life. It’s not all about winning. You’re still going to look back at the happy moments you did with your tennis friends.
  5. Balance – tennis can be time-consuming, and it could steal time at your school. Balance it. Becoming a great student and player is one way of success.