Danna “ella” Abad

Danna Mariella A. Abad a.k.a. “Ella”, a brilliant Filipino future star tennisters who won a double runner-up in Philippine Colombian Association tournament in 2017. She’s 16 years old live in Davao City and currently, a productive member of Philippine Team presenting the pride of Philippines around Asia.

Danna “ella” Abad
Danna Ella Abad (JR. TENNIS ASIAN CUP 2017) – Philtennis – Filipino future star tennis player


She was introduced to tennis during her 10th years of existence. Whenever her father was coaching aspiring tennis players, she’s busy with her duties too as a ball girl. By watching and observing how they played, she learned to love tennis as well and started playing. Danna Mariella “Ella” then discovered her inherited talent, she practiced and exerted lots of efforts in it and begin competing.
philtennis - Danna Ella Abad - Filipino future star tennis player
Danna’s first local singles title history was last 2011 head Jr. Tennis tour satellite circuit held in Davao City. Despite her business in school at Sta. Ana national high school, she still managed to be a good tennisters and didn’t fail to bring home the bacon every time there are tournaments. Indeed, she was a medalist in her first attempt at Palarong Pambansa.

And after tons of efforts, practice, and sacrifices, she made her history in tennis internationally when she competed at her first International singles title achievement at 9th ASEAN school games and she was a bronze medalist.

Being an athlete has its positive outcome and sometimes negative effects too. That’s when we are more than willing to pursue things and full of spirits but our body does not participate. That was when Danna a.k.a Ella needed to stop due to illness. And her biggest challenge in life as a player is self-discipline and sometimes we lost motivations like we can’t find ourselves back. But one thing is for sure, she is strong-willed to go back in action and strike every ball in her journey!

Bio Info

Name: Danna Mariella A. Abad
Age: 16
Height: 5’5
Weight: 56kg
Local Career: tennis
Country Residence: Philippines
Plays: Davao city
Current Position: student
Shoes: Adidas
Racket: Tecnifibre

Her top 5 best secret words and advice’s to our next future star Filipino tennis player to become a champion.

  1. Discipline- always bear in mind that before we become teachers we once a good student.
  2. Motivation- The higher the dream, the harder it takes to make it real. Do not stop along the way think or imagine anything that motivates you along the way.
  3. Endurance- We have to be a fighter get what we want.
  4. Patients- Patients is a virtue.
  5. Positive goal-oriented – Stick to the plan even the plan failed our expectations.

Continue your journey, Ella….