Christian Lawrence Villarin

Christian Lawrence Villarin is a Filipino tennis player who aspires to become a highest rank Filipino future star tennis. He’s the man with his action to prove his worth. He was championed in the 2017 tournament of Head Graphene XT Isulan, in doubles 16-under and 18-under boys.

Christian Lawrence Villarin

He achieved first runner-up in 16-under boys in the last tournament sponsored by PPS-PEPP Palawan Pawnshop Age-group Tennis held in General Santos City.


Name: Christian Lawrence Villarin
Age: 16
Weight: 50kgs
Local Career: Sultan Kudarat, Mindanao, Philippines
Country Residence: Philippines
Plays: Right Handed/ Double Handed Backhand


His family is the main reason why he engaged in playing tennis until today, especially his grandfather, mother and his uncle. Because of they’re influenced and walking distance comfortable tennis court in Isulan Capitol Sultan Kudarat, he persuaded playing tennis when he was 5 years old and that time he felt in love to play tennis. But unfortunately, he was forced to stop it, because of his destiny when his parents moved to Manila.

It was 3 years of sacrificing his hobby and what he loved to do. But no matter what he does, it seems like the tennis ball and the court are calling him to hold his racket and smash until he feels to. Thus time can’t stop him from playing tennis because after he covered 9 years old, he stepped back to what journey he once trying to forget.

During his comeback, he started joining tournaments and in God’s grace sometimes he won and there are times that he is losing. There are times that he thought of tennis is not meant for him the reason why he gets lazy in practicing and playing it.

Therefore, he was left behind by his co-tennis players without knowing it.

But now, he realized all those efforts, hardships and time invested by his grandfather and mother to motivate in teaching him how to play the game. His family never gave up on him to make him feel if how important is to study and play tennis. He had learned that he can’t get anything when he let laziness swallow him up.

And he wanted to make his family proud of him thus he decided to prove his worth and focus on learning tennis 2-3 hours daily. Wearing the pieces of advice he gets from his grandfather that he should be brave enough, concentrate on what you are doing, and enjoy every game you take. has given the opportunity to interview Chris and share this very inspiring story of Christian Lawrence “Chris” Villarin.

He uncover to us his 5 secrets in becoming a champion;

Trust God

To make your tennis career successful, the first thing to do is to validate your faith in God.

Humbly believe in yourself

Because any dream is possible if you are brave enough to do it your way.

Be a good student

To be good, you must learn how to listen to your coaches, parents, or anyone that advises you.

Divert your weakness into strength

You have to train your weaknesses to become your strength. If you keep doing the same mistake and you don’t practice to get it right you will never get better.

Have passion

Love what you are doing. In any game you take all you need is to take a vitamin called confidence, a splash of concentration, a taste of determination, believing in yourself but do not forget to discipline and to be humble and most of all, enjoy what you’re doing.