Alexei Xira “Alex” Santos

Alexei Xira Y. Santos A.K.A Alex 17 years old is a future star Filipino female tennis player. She was a gold medalist in the latest Palarong Pambansa 2017 in lawn tennis singles (secondary) competition, representing Region IV-B(MRAA (MIMAROPA) her place.

She started playing tennis when she was 4 years old. Xira believed that age couldn’t be a hindrance to her dreams to become a highest rank Filipino tennis player champion someday. She worked hard to practiced all the knowledge to develop her skills given by her father as her coach.

alexei xira santos

When she was 10 years old, she had entitled “Grand Slam” in the tournament held in Malaysia after getting all the titles in the 10-aged under girls division. She won the game in all four States including, Selangor, Penang, Perlis, Langkawi, Malaysia last 2010.

After all, she’s a student who desires to graduate. Alexei a.k.a Alex is a grade 11 student and despite time pressure along with her busy life, she maintained being an academic honoree since preschool. To be a student and at the same time an athlete is so much pressure but she still managed to bear with her tennis journey and continue to defeat her opponent to win the crown of being a champion.

She couldn’t tell her biggest accomplishment yet, but upon beating the top players in the whole Philippines and winning her age group tournaments around the country are her greatest accomplishments, for now.

Bio Info

Name: Alexei Xira Santos
Age: 17
Current Residence: Puerto Princesa, Philippines
Local Career: Gold medalist in the Palarong Pambansa 2017
International Career Record: 10-Under Girl Division in Malaysia
Country Residence: Philippines
Plays: One-handed forehand/ two-handed backhand
Current Position: N/A
Racquet sponsored: Wilson
Shoes: Wilson


Her parents were tennis players/coach and because of that, they thought it would be an advantage if they engaged Alex to this kind of sport. Knowing that her father could be the best coach to help her achieve the level she wants.

alexei xira santos

Her journey as a tennis begun when she humbly picked her first achievement in local regional competition when she was in grade 2 student. Santos proclaimed her first champion in the age-group regional tournament held in Baguio sponsored by Smart-Head Age-group Regional Tournament.

And because Alexei’s father considered all those hardships to taught her in tennis, she became a strong and dedicated player. To the thought that she’s a student that chased lots of requirements and homework at school.

Because of her perseverance and time management as well as the full support of her parents, she reached more than a hundred of achievements including trophies, medals, sponsored giveaways, from grade 2 up to grade 10 student until today’s latest career.

We couldn’t imagine how much struggles a tennis experienced, from the start until today! We asked her about her downfalls and secrets of how she gets rid of the struggles she faced.

This girl could really be the best example of being a humblebee. We can really sense the way she answered and these were her answers and her advice to her fellow tennis players, especially to the young ones that aspire to be distinguished in this sports category;

Behind every successful athlete, we should always remember that there are pains behind it. But the sweetest revenge is to become happy with what you are doing and let success chase you.

Last 2016 Palarong Pambansa she wasn’t able to make it through since she experienced a serious injury called ECU Tendonitis. It is an inflammation on the wrist and it was very hard for her to hit a backhand. It was very difficult especially when she hit the ball in her wrist and she experienced so much pain. Therefore, she lost the Palarong Pambansa, 2016.

Alex can’t blame anyone nor her injury and she accepted her lose since she believes in a saying, “Kapag talo ka, talo ka talaga” she knew that already. Instead of losing her confidence to pursue, she thought of thinking outside of the box and considered her injury as a big factor of success next time.

If it wasn’t there to test her, she’ll never know that she’s capable of doing something more than what she usually does. Because she has faith and by the grace of God, she managed to come back this 2017 Palarong Pambansa without her painful wrist, again.

alexei xira santos

Her Motivations and inspirations for playing tennis are;

She said, “It’s the Lord above. He is the one who gave her this talent to enhance. God is the only one, nothing more who gave me the desire to play tennis.”

And the talent she has is for him and of course to her beloved and supportive parents. Her mom and dad are both tennis players, knowing that both of them loves the sport. It motivates her to be good at playing tennis, next to them.


Through all the scolding sessions, crying moments, and joyful memories and heart to heart experiences she ever had with her father, she was motivated to be as good as what they wanted to be.

Her father was the one to sacrifice teaching her what she needed to know to fight her everyday challenges in life. Her father was the one to taught her how to win and her father was also the one who taught her how to be humble all the time at all cost. He is also the one who always reminds her that this talent she has given by God and is only for God’s glory.

Alexei’s Motivation and Inspiration,

Her guidance in making it through here is her perspective in life that, “Apart from Christ, I am nothing. But with Christ, I can do everything.” Truly!

Very well said, a life without God with it is totally useless. We must always include God all the time, no matter what it cost.

Alexei’s Top 5 Best Secrets

Her pieces of advice to become a champion that she could really be proud to share with the next Filipino future stars in tennis.

1. Always pray, this is the top priority at all. Ask God for guidance so that he could keep you safe and will direct you and give you more than strength you deserve.

2. Work hard/Train harder. A knowledge towards something is nothing without practicing it to the fullest.

3. Do not complain and love what you are doing. Because if you don’t, you will not succeed and become what you are dreaming of. If you’re not dedicated it’s worthless and nevertheless, you will not continue along the way.

4. Follow every instruction given by your coach and/or parents. You’re a leader of yourself and to become the best leader is to become a good follower.

5. Discipline, first in yourself and everything will follow.


Alexei Xira “Alex” Santos proved that achievements without God is nothing. But with God, she can do everything.

Alexei’s racket is ready to smash the coming challenges life awaits!

Recent Local Current Singles Career:

Titles Edition



Matchup Respective Foe’s



Age-Group Category



Palarong Pambansa 2017 April 23-29, 2017 Province of Antique, Philippines Shaira Hope Rivera Hard Singles Finals 8-7, 7-3 Champion
Palarong Pambansa 2017 April 23-29, 2017 Province of Antique, Philippines Patricia Velez  Hard  Singles Semi Finals 8-1 Won