PPS-PEPP Age-Group Koronadal City Tournament Results – April 24-27, 2017


(courtesy photo: PalawanPawnshopTennis)
The Palawan Pawnshop lawn tennis tournament, PPS-PEPP Age-Group Koronadal City, South Cotabato, Mindanao regional summer cup circuit leg held at Marbel Sports Complex from April 24-27, 2017.

The master list of 2017 Palawan pawnshop tennis tournaments score result for runner-up and champions of unisex 10-U, 12-U, 14-U, 16-U and 18-U boys and girls Filipino future star tennis players.

The 2017 PPS-PEPP age group Koronadal City tourney, has been reached in about four days straight. There are 100+ young kids, teens registered entries joined the summer cup age-group tennis events who came from any parts of Mindanao, Philippines especially delegates from Mati Davao Oriental, Midasayap, Cotabato, Isulan Sultan Kudarat, Glan Sarangani Province, Polomolok, Digos City, Tubod Lanao Del Norte, Zamboanga Del Norte and Koronadal City.

Despite, of excessive heat and fatigue, this is not a reason to our future star young kids and teens tennister’s to stop the fight, instead, it is a reason for determination, dedication, discipline, and perseverance to survive the game of matched.

Janus Ringia has been dominated 16&18-under boys age group categories and Sydney Ezra Enriquez raised from Salug, Zamboanga Del Norte earned landslide victory champion from 14-U, 16-U, 18-U, and doubles 18-U girls division claimed as new PPS-PEPP Koronadal Most Valuable Player 2017 (MVP).

The pride of Koronadal Janus Ringia debut John Steven Sonsona of Tubod, Lanao del Norte at 18-under boys final score 6-0, 4-1, retired.

The pride of Salug, Zamboanga del Norte, Sydney Ezra Enriquez took landslide triumph. Enriquez, secured the 14 under girls championship def. Chloveay Nor Pulido final score 6-0, 6-0. She continued to beat Carlyn Bless Guarde 16 and 18 under girls championship.

Palawan Pawnshop Tennis Leg Tournament Koronadal City Championship Result,

18 Under Boys

Champion: Janus Al-Najeeb Ringia
Runner-up: John Steven Sonsona
Score: 6-0, 4-1 retired

18 Under Girls

Champion: Sydney Ezra Enriquez
Runner-up: Carlyn Bless Guarde
Score: 7-5, 6-7, (10-4) Super tie break

16 Under Boys

Champion: Janus Al-Najeeb Ringia
Runner-up: Nicole Gorospe
Score: 4-0, retired

16 Under Girls

Champion: Syney Ezra Enriquez
Runner-up: Carlyn Bless Guarde
Score: 6-1, 6-2

14 Under Boys

Champion: Brent Sigmond Cortes
Runner-up: Jude Michael Andrei Padao
Score: 6-0, 6-2

14 Under Girls

Champion: Sydney Ezra Enriquez
Runner-up: Chloveay Nor Pulido
Score: 6-0, 6-0

12 Under Boys

Champion: Jude Michael Andrei Padao
Runner-up:  Rey Derek Napala
Score: 6-4, 6-4,

12 Under Girls

Champion: Shieloh Ripdos
Runner-up: Angel Mae Melendres
Score: 6-0, 6-0

10 Under Unisex

Champion: Al-Rasheed Lucman
Runner-up: Mardy Anthony Galvez
Score: 4-2, 4-0

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