Milo Junior Tennis Age-Group Tournament 2017


The Milo Junior Tennis  Age-Group Summer Cup Tournament 2017, will bring total actions to 4 major cities in the Philippines. Milo sports advocacy try to reach out the young Filipino tennister age-groupers future star in every delegate venues all over the country.

Milo Junior Tennis Age Group
(photo via: Facebook/Children’s Tennis and Sports Management Inc.)

Around 31 days running of summer cup tournament schedule. Staging leg start from Visayas – Cebu City followed by Mindanao – Davao City and Luzon – Pasig City and Pampanga the Province of Central Luzon.

2017 Milo junior tennis age-group cup is officially (PHILTA) accredited as group 2&3, according to the master list of 2017 Philippine Tennis Calendar.

Nationwide Tournament Schedules,

April 30 – May 3 – 2017 Milo Junior Tennnis Cup (Group 2)- Citi Green Tennis Resort, Cebu City.

May 5 – 9 – 2017 Milo Junior Tennnis Cup (Group 3)- Flores Tennis Club, Davao City.

May 15- 17 – 2017 Milo Junior Tennnis Cup (Group 2)- Meralco Tennis Club, Pasig City.

May 28- Jun 1 – 2017 Milo Junior Tennnis Cup (Group 2)- CDC Tennis Court, Clard Free Zone, Pampanga.

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